Efacec QC24S Quick Charger

  • Efacec QC24S Quick Charger

    Kodas: Efacec QC24S
  • An economical and quick charging station. Charge any type of EV at 24kW rate per hour.

    Wall mounted
    High efficiency > 94%
    DC power up to 24 kW
    User-friendly interface
    Built-in communications (3G; LAN; Wi-Fi)
    High power factor 0.99 


    Efacec QC24S Quick Charger is a new single-outlet compact rapid charger that charges your electric car to 80% within one hour. Design to conform to all industry-standard charging protocols and interfaces. Its lightweight design is easily mounted on the wall where space is a concern. The QC24S is a fast charge station able to charge all CCS compatible electric vehicles. Different output options are available, like the basic single DC output at 24 KW with CCS or CHadeMO connector on a tethered lead tested and accredited with all compatible vehicles.

    Efacec QC24S Charger Main Features and Benefits
    Charge electric car in 1-hour High efficiency > 94%
    Multiple applications and Easy maintenance
    DC power up to 24 kW
    User-friendly interface with optional color display
    Status LED Color cable holder
    High power factor 0.99
    Local and remote monitoring control
    Independent or network integration
    Optional built-in communications (3G; LAN; Wi-Fi)
    Customized and branding is available
     Features of QC24S Fast Charger includes:
    Fast Charging:
    Each device, which can charge from zero to 80 within 60 minutes, may be strategically placed as part of a rapid charging infrastructure network. It costs affected wall mounted where space is a concern.

    Customization & Enclosure
    The QC24S features a high-quality and durable shell with corrosion protection comparable to stainless steel, ensuring a long service life for the equipment. Personalize it with custom graphics, logos, and colors to have the overall look of your brand.

    Easy to Install
    This high-power, multi-stranded QC24S is a fast Charger with built-in 3G and LAN communications and is available in a range of colors. It is simple to install and connected to an existing charging infrastructure network.

    Software available
    The core CPMS is the solution end-to-end EV charging management platform. It is comprised of a set of unique and powerful software tools that effectively respond to the needs of the Plug-in Electric Vehicle market ecosystem.

    Car-Share, Taxi and Rent-a-Car fleets
    EV dealers and service providers
    Employee parking lots
    EV fleets (private and public)
    Shopping Centers
    Private EV Infrastructure and operator