EFACEC QC45 Fast Charging Station

  • EFACEC QC45 Fast Charging Station

    Kodas: EFACECQC45
  • Efacec has introduced a new charging station that charges all EVs in a stand-alone mode with minimum time spent. Its design is unique and charges with the best power factor.

    Rapid charge up to 80%
    High Efficiency >93%
    High power factor 0.98
    High reliability
    DC power up to 50 KW
    AC power up to 43Kva
    Easy to install
    Corrosion Protection 


    Efacec QC45 is the top best charging station, compatible with all brands of electric vehicles
    The QC45 Fast Charging Station provides a rapid battery charge and support 2 EV’s simultaneously AC and DC charging with multiple power output options. All combined outputs are incorporated into a single cabinet for safe and easy charging of all suitable electric cars.

    The fast charger’s CHAdeMO, CCS, and AC Type-2 compliant charging connectors can offer up to 50 kW of charging power. An AC charging connector does not require a permanent wire and can charge up to 22 kW. QC45 is designed to give your EV the maximum charge with minimum time spent.

    Features of QC45 Fast Charging Station
    Rapid Charging up to 80% in less than 30 minutes
    AC and DC simultaneously charging
    Multi-standard (CHAdeMO, CCS, and AC Type-2 compliant)
    High Efficiency > 93%
    High power factor 0.98
    Built-in communications (3G; LAN; Wi-Fi)
    DC power up to 50 kW
    AC power up to 43 kVA
    High Reliability
    Easy Plug & Play Installation
    Quick Charging:
    Each device, which can charge from zero to 80 percent in under 30 minutes, may be strategically placed as part of a rapid charging infrastructure network. Our products are created with the strong production, durability, and safety in mind. The charger’s primary lines and form allow it to fit in with the environment and scenery, and the design is meant to give customers confidence that car charging is both straightforward and safe.

    Network Integration
    The QC45 is a flexible and open charging station that can charge in a stand-alone mode or be integrated into any network with any central system.

    Customization & Enclosure
    The QC45 features a high-quality and durable shell with corrosion protection comparable to stainless steel, ensuring a long service life for the equipment. In order to match your brand’s overall appearance, you can customize it with custom images, logos, and colors.

    Easy to Install
    This high-power QC45 Rapid Charger comes in various colors. It is simple to install, and easy to use. The units are tested and verified with all compatible electric cars. QC45 rapid charger offers a power output of up to 50kw DC and 43kW AC.

    Software available
    The QC45 is compatible with Charge Lab, EV Connect, and Green lots’ commercial electric vehicle charger software systems. Customer billing, fleet management, charger monitoring, and even iPhone and Android applications for consumers to locate your chargers are all possible with these software packages.